Heavy clouds bringing thunder, lightnings and stormDo you need Surge Protection? Surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage that travel throughout your Albuquerque home electrical system. Some surges come from within your home, such as from turning on a dryer, starting a vacuum, or even something as seeming simple as sending a document to your printer. Other power surges come from outside your home, such as electric utility switching, downed power poles, cut power lines, and lightning strikes. Power surges are more of threat to Albuquerque homes and the contents in the home that people think. When a power surge hits your home, you might face more than just a quick flicker of the lights. Some power surges end up costing homeowners thousands of dollars in electrical repairs and replacing fried appliances, entertainment systems, and other electrical devices.

A simple power strip is not enough to stop a surge from a direct hit from a lightning strike. We've all seen the spring skies light up with a flash of lightning and worried about the safety of our electronic components. Power strips are small surge protectors that work to save some devices from power spikes, but with a whole house surge and lightning protection system, you can rest assured that your Albuquerque home's electrical appliances will be safe from sudden power surges, whether caused by natural or man-made forces.


Whole-House Surge Protection

Albuquerque whole-house surge protection acts like a barrier to stop these transient surges from destroying your electrical system and electronics. It protects your entire home through a system of surge protectors working together. Surge protectors are placed on your incoming electricity, cables, telephone and utility service lines to prevent surges from entering your home. We then look at key locations in your home and assign a secondary protection for surges in those areas. Home surge protection systems also come with a manufacturers warranty which will cover your electronic equipment in the case of system failure. Upon job completion, we will provide you with the necessary documentation to complete your warranty including a Certification from a licensed electrician stating that the work was completed to NEC codes.


Why Hire Us For Your Surge Protection Needs?

At Energized Electric we carry a wide selection of surge protection systems available to fit various budgets and spaces. From power strips to whole house surge protectors, our Albuquerque electricians will help you find the right lightning protection system for your home. Our Albuquerque electricians can protect you against lightning damages in Albuquerque by installing lightning protection equipment, surge protection systems, and other power conditioning tools to mitigate disturbances in electrical voltage. Get a Albuquerque surge protection system installed by Energized Electric today, and rest assured your investments are protected.

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