In the past, home automation in Albuquerque was considered the trend of the elite. Today, home automation technology is becoming more common among the masses. Home automation gives automatic control of all the devices and gadgets to the house owner, and enables him to control the workings of the security, lights, heating and cooling systems of the house with the help of an interface like the computer or the phone. The experts at Energized Electric can help you automate your home’s lighting system. Our Albuquerque electricians will guide you through every step of installing your home’s automated lighting system. Almost everyone has seen or use motioned censored lighting in their Albuquerque home. While these lights are perfect for your home security, they do not add much to your daily physical comfort. The lighting system you can control remotely allows you to remain seated in your recliner while you dim the lights. This is the perfect feature to have in your living room or home theater will you are watching TV or putting on a movie.


Advantages Of Having Home Automated Lighting

Returning home every night from work to a dark Albuquerque house is never a pleasant feeling. Automated systems turn on lights at your preferred time. Programming your system to these times is fast and easy. Have your lights turn on at specific times is a great way to keep burglars away and you and your family safe. If you have ever had the experience of walking into a dark room while trying to find the light switch, you might also know how a stub toe feels or a bruised shin. Bumping into to some furniture while trying to turn on the lights can cause injuries and can be dangerous. Some areas of your outside landscape may pose as the perfect hiding place for burglars. Making sure you have lighting outdoors is one of the greatest ways to help protect your home.

Why Hire Us For Your Home Automated Lighting Needs?

Get your electrical work done right the first time, and backed by a solid guarantee that protects you for up to a year. Call Energized Electric’s talented and licensed team of Albuquerque electrical remodeling contractors today to schedule service! If you are interested in automating your homes lighting, call the home automated lighting system experts today at Energized Electric for a consultation.


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