If you are thinking of building a new home or beginning a remodeling project such as a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodel or a new room addition, then please contact the experts at Energized Electric. Including a professional Albuquerque electrician early on in the remodeling project can save you money in the long run by ensuring things do not have to be moved around to make the electrical system work properly. At Energized Electric we are the Albuquerque Electrical Remodeling Experts. We have years of experience providing both residential and commercial electrical services ranging from new construction installations to complete home rewiring.

Many homeowners in Albuquerque look for ways to reduce costs on home improvement projects, and it’s no wonder why. Hiring a remodeling contractor, let alone buying all the materials for the renovation, can be expensive! When it comes to electrical remodeling in Albuquerque, let a licensed electrician do the work. This include wiring new outlets, switches, lighting, and any other electrical work that needs to be done to complete your Albuquerque home remodeling project. Most DIY electrical work ends up causing problems for home electrical systems eventually. Everything might be working fine after you first do it; but down the road – maybe even a couple years later – you could find yourself with a malfunctioning electrical system.


Why Hire Us For Your Electrical Remodeling Needs?

At Energized Electric your electrical problems are no match for the expertise of our technicians. Our Albuquerque electrical contractors have solutions for everything when it comes to electrical problems, and you can rest assured that they can fix your electrical system in a manner that is safe and follows strict electrical code standards. Whenever you need electrical repairs in Albuquerque, NM or the surrounding areas, always be sure to hire a licensed and insured electrical contractor. This protects you and ensures the electrical repairs will be done correctly.

In order to be state licensed, electricians have to go through certain levels of training and have certain qualifications as well as ongoing Continuing Education requirements to maintain their license credentials. So by hiring a licensed electrician, you already know that they possess a certain degree of experience, knowledge and concern for safe electrical practices, meaning they should be qualified to do the electrical repairs properly. For an electrical inspection, wiring installation, home remodeling or anything electric, call the experts at Energized Electric today.

If you are looking for a Electrician in the Albuquerque area, please contact us by filling out our online request form.


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