One of our specialties, at Energized Electric, is installing, repairing and replacing electrical wiring. From replacing outdated wiring to installing new electrical wiring for new construction and remodeling projects, our skilled Albuquerque electrical wiring contractors are reliable, professional and follow electrical code and safety standards strictly for your quality assurance and peace of mind. Aluminum wiring can be a fire hazard wherever the wire is spliced or makes a connection with an outlet, switch, circuit breaker or other component of an electrical system. Another reason aluminum wiring is such a fire hazard is because it shrinks and expands depending on the temperature.

It is important for every Albuquerque homeowner to know the condition of their home’s wiring. Also to know if their home’s electrical wiring is up-to-date, and more importantly up to code. The fact is that no matter how secure a home looks from the outside, there are elements not always seen but are vitally important in ensuring that it is safe.


Knowing Your Electrical System

Due to the safety risks that aluminum wires present, only copper wiring has been used for electrical systems since the late 1970′s. Regulations about electrical wires may change from time to time as authorities increase the level of protection necessary. That being said, it is important that homeowners periodically have their electrical systems checked to ensure that they are still complying with the regulations of the area. Keep in mind that the most important thing when it comes to wiring inspections is the inspector themselves. They must be thorough with the house, reviewing it with a fine tooth comb in order to find any irregularities with the wiring. Note that inspections are done periodically depending on various factors.

Overtime, electrical wires would start to deteriorate and fray around the edges. When this happens, there’s a chance that homeowners would “brush” these wires and get electrocuted or perhaps trigger an uncontrollable fire. DIY electrical repairs are rarely a good idea. Just take a look at all the electrical fires that have been in the news lately! Just this year many fires have damaged businesses and homes in Albuquerque, all caused by electrical malfunctions such as overheating circuits.


Inspecting or Replacing Your Electrical System

The certified electrical inspections technicians at Energized Electric will check out your electrical system for hazards or problems for your safety and piece of mind. The electrical system is one of the main parts of a home that is of the most concern to home buyers and homeowners in New Mexico, and with good reason. Very few home inspectors are qualified to make a complete detailed assessment of an electrical system. To have the wiring of your home inspected or replaced, call the experts at Energized Electric today. If you are looking for a Albuquerque Aluminum Wiring Replacement contractor call us at 505-980-7632 or fill out our online request form.

If you are looking for a Electrician in the Albuquerque area, please contact us by filling out our online request form.


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