Energized Electric is here to take care of your electrical repair needs. If you have outlets that are not working, it could be an indicator of a more serious problem. Contact our Albuquerque outlet repair specialists today to find out for certain what the issue is. We are fully licensed and insured electrical contractors with over 13 years of experience providing residential electrical repairs and troubleshooting services.

Our professional Albuquerque electrical contractors can come to your home and diagnosis any problem you may be having with your electrical outlets and switches. Our trucks are fully stocked to ensure that we have the right tools and materials to not only ensure the best service for your home, but the speediest service. You won't have to worry about our technicians delaying the process and giving you the "run-around" for parts and such. Many Albuquerque electricians do this in order to jack up the price of their services because of how "long" it takes them to complete the job. At Energized Electric your Safety is our primary concern so we will get the job done quickly and correct the first time.

Repairing And Installing Outlets And Switches

At Energized Electric, we are able to do any type of electrical outlet or switch replacement, installation or repair. No job is too small for our Albuquerque electricians! With just one call, you can reach a professional and reputable Albuquerque electrical company that does it all! Many DIY enthusiast in Albuquerque think wiring an outlet or light switch is easy enough. So they take on the task themselves whenever they're trying to save money on home improvement projects such as home additions or remodeling endeavors. This isn't such a good idea, though, as improper wiring could cost you a lot in the end.

Why Hire Us For Your Outlets And Switch Needs?

From large home remodeling or new construction projects requiring the installation of not only outlets and switches, but electrical wiring and other electrical components, to smaller projects such as repairing just one electrical outlet, Energized Electric is happy to take care of the electrical service needs of our customers in the Albuquerque area. So get started right away with your project by contacting our team of better-quality Albuquerque electricians today at 505-980-7632. We are your one-stop-shop for all things Albuquerque outlets and switches related!

If you are looking for a Electrician in the Albuquerque area, please contact us by filling out our online request form.


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