Do you have flickering lights? Are you lights not working? Flickering lights or lighting connections stop working despite how many new bulbs you try can be an indicator of other electrical problems, so it is important to address these issues as soon as possible to ensure your safety. Lighting repairs are an important part of the look and feel of a home. Energized Electric has years of experience providing top notch residential electrical repairs in the Albuquerque area. Electrical safety and customer satisfaction are two of our top priorities, and you can rely on our electricians to always show up on time and respect you and your property during any electrical service call.

Improper lighting can be more than just annoying. Flickering lights or lighting that is too dim can be unhealthy because it puts unnecessary strain on the eyes. Bad lighting can also dramatically affect the overall mood of a room, making certain tasks seem more like a chore than they should. On the other hand, a room that has just the right amount of ceiling lights complimented by decorative wall lights or lamps is bright, inviting and invigorating. Often times simply replacing the light fixtures and improving the interior lighting design of your home can completely transform the look of a room without the need for expensive remodeling services. Our Albuquerque lighting repair experts can assist you with any lighting repair, lighting installation or any lighting upgrade. Our Albuquerque electricians have experience with all types of lighting such as: outdoor lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, pole lighting, indoor lighting, ceiling fans, fluorescent lighting and more.

Why Hire Us For Your Light Repair Needs?

Good Albuquerque Electricians like the licensed professionals you'll find at Energized Electric are TRAINED and EXPERIENCED professionals that have gone through a lot of schooling to get to where they are today. That means they know electricity, how it works, and how to fix various electrical components inside and out. Our interior lighting experts can advise you on the various options that may be implemented in your home, as well as the corresponding cost estimates. Whether you want to schedule an electrical inspection or electrical repairs, Energized Electric is the company you can rely on to take care of it all with precision and ease. Call us today to get started!

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