Our Albuquerque electricians are skilled professionals that install and repair all makes and models of ceiling fans for Albuquerque homeowners. We know how uncomfortable it can be to be without this simple - and often neglected - luxury, especially on hot summer days. We work diligently to return your home to a comfortable status by ensuring your Albuquerque ceiling fans are fixed promptly and correctly.

A common misunderstanding among Albuquerque homeowners is that ceiling fans actually reduce the temperature in a room and allow lower air conditioning settings as a way to save on electricity costs. But in reality, in the summer a ceiling fan with blades rotating counter-clockwise creates what is called a "wind-chill" effect by evaporating moisture that lingers around on our skin. So on a hot and humid summer day in Albuquerque - and really, when is it not hot and humid around here in the summer - this "wind chill" effect can make the room feel at least seven degrees cooler.

Using Albuquerque Ceiling Fans in the Winter

Using a ceiling fan in the summer is a no brainier but, what about in the winter months? Well, here's the wonderful thing about Albuquerque ceiling fans. With a simple switch of a button, you can make the ceiling fan blades rotate clockwise, in the opposite direction that you have it set in the summer, and Presto! - now you are forcing the warm air produced by your heating system DOWN. Hot air has a tenancy to rise, after-all, but with the help of a ceiling fan, you can circulate that warm air back down onto you and away from the ceiling. So while it may seem crazy at first, since most Albuquerque homeowners see ceiling fans as cooling devices, in the winter months you can actually make a room warmer by turning on the ceiling fan and forcing warm air from the ceiling down into the living area.

Why Hire Us For Your Ceiling Fan Repair Needs?

When we fix Albuquerque ceiling fans, we guarantee the work we do for a whole year! So if you have problems with the same ceiling fan before a year is up from the time our Albuquerque electricians fixed it the first time, Energized Electric will come back out to fix it again - for FREE. We do this to ensure your satisfaction with our company as well as to uphold our stellar reputation in the Albuquerque community as a reliable electrical contractor. Not to mention, we just care about making things right. That's the Energized Electrician way!

If you are looking for a Electrician in the Albuquerque area, please contact us by filling out our online request form.


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