Lighting Installation

Good interior lighting is vital factor not only in achieving a beautiful home but also in having a positive outlook in life. To fully incorporate this idea, certain factors should be kept in mind. Remember, your lighting equipment choice should fit with your lighting needs in the particular in your house. Read More

Landscape Lighting

If you really want to make a statement and light up your yard at night, consider letting our Albuquerque electricians provide you with professional landscape lighting services. Our Albuquerque electrical services include all forms of outdoor lighting from landscape lighting design and installation to repairing security lights.. Read More

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a home homeowner's best friend when i comes to avoiding unwanted guests. When the dark areas around your home have lights it makes it difficult for them to sneek around without being seen. Read More

Low Voltage Lighting

Are you looking to save money on your electric bill? A great way to save money is with low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting is an energy efficient lighting that is a great option for both indoor and outdoor lighting... Read More

Pool Lighting

Adding underwater light in your fountain or pond adds character to any garden pond, pool, or fountain. It gives the needed light at night to make your Albuquerque home more attractive and stand out on the block. Liven up that dark fountain and pond area with underwater lights... Read More

Home Automation Lighting Systems

Home automation gives automatic control of all the devices and gadgets to the house owner, and enables him to control the workings of the security, lights, heating and cooling systems of the house with the help of an interface like the computer or the phone.. Read More

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