Your outside areas become an extension of your Rio Rancho home, and if properly installed, will make you want to spend as much time on the outside of your home as on the inside. Whether you are installing garden lighting or illuminating a walkway, planning out where to place the lighting is a more detailed operation than one may think. A well thought out design is key and can utilize many of your outdoor possessions such as swimming pools, decks, patios, walkways and ponds. If your goal is a beautiful landscape, the investment in a quality electrician is key. When working with electricity in wet areas it’s always suggested that a professional be hired for safety reasons. call your Rio Rancho Electrician for advice and installation of your Landscape Lighting system.

Rio Rancho Ceiling Fan Repairs

Our Rio Rancho ceiling fan installation experts are experienced at installing a variety of lights for residential and commercial application. If you need a new ceiling fan installed or if a older ceiling fan has stopped working you can call Energized Electric. Whatever type of lighting you need installed for your home improvement project, you can rely on our Rio Rancho lighting installation experts to get the job done correctly and quickly – the first time.

Rio Rancho Electrical Wiring

We know you may feel confident in your electrical repair abilities after setting up that new DVD player or surround sound system; but don’t put your safety or the safety of your family at risk. Improper wiring and tampering with electrical components is a sure way to put yourself in harms way – whether that means an electrical shock today or an electrical fire tomorrow. There is a world of difference between plugging things in and being a qualified Rio Rancho electrician. So call Energized Electric any time you need electrical repairs in Rio Rancho. Our technicians handle all types of electrical repairs including troubleshooting existing systems and appliances, ceiling fan repairs, outlet repairs, lighting repairs and much more.

Rio Rancho Security Lighting

One of the first steps you should take to safeguard your life and your family, would be to ensure that your Rio Rancho home has adequate lightning. Lightning is one of the most effective deterrents to potential home burglars. Burglars and robbers are not usually keen to break into a house that is well lit. A well lit outdoor setting can be an effective and simple way to keep your Rio Rancho home safe against intruders. Our Rio Rancho lighting contractors can provide assistance in this regard by wiring new outdoor lights quickly and safely for your home.

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  • Energized Electric was able to do my kitchen light remodeling quickly and a for very reasonable price. They are very honest and trustworthy in their advice on the job you need done, considering cost saving (but of course electrical code compliance) as well as other options you can do.

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  • They were fast, friendly and cleaned up better than i would have. I would recommend Energized Electric to friends and family!!!

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