Whether you are renovating your Belen home or building a new one, you should consider the money-saving benefits of smart home systems. Belen Home Automation Lighting Systems mean there is less that you need to worry about. Smart homes can control thing such as lights on in an empty room, or even emergency warning systems. With home automation, you can even keep an eye on things when you’re away at work or traveling. Home automation can be as extensive or as limited as you like. Smart home systems can be used to control lighting, video surveillance and more.

Belen Ceiling Fan Repairs

A common misunderstanding among Belen homeowners is that ceiling fans actually reduce the temperature in a room and allow lower air conditioning settings as a way to save on electricity costs. In reality, in the summer a ceiling fan with blades rotating counter-clockwise creates what is called a “wind-chill” effect by evaporating moisture on our skin. On a hot and humid summer day, this “wind chill” effect can make the room feel at least seven degrees cooler so that you can avoid running the air conditioning even when the actual room temperature is in the mid-eighties.

Belen Electrical Wiring

If you want to undertake an Belen electrical remodeling project and just don’t know where to begin on in your Belen home, then please contact Energized Electric. Our expert electricians can help you plan out and get started on your new remodeling project. Including the Belen electrician early on in the remodeling project can save you money in the long run to insure things do not have to be moved around to make the electrical system work properly. Our Belen electrical remodeling contractors can install new wiring to add to the convenience of your home, or re-wire present systems to keep your home safe.

Belen Security Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting from a Belen electrician creates a safer environment for your home. Sleep easier with the help of this full-service, turnkey program that provides complete outdoor lighting systems for Belen homeowners.

If you are looking for a Electrician in the Albuquerque area, please contact us by filling out our online request form.

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  • Energized Electric was able to do my kitchen light remodeling quickly and a for very reasonable price. They are very honest and trustworthy in their advice on the job you need done, considering cost saving (but of course electrical code compliance) as well as other options you can do.

    Merlinda C.
  • They were fast, friendly and cleaned up better than i would have. I would recommend Energized Electric to friends and family!!!

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